2020 International Conference (BOOK OF PROCEEDINGS)

A Literature Survey On Obstacle Detection For Mobile Robots

An Assessment of Perception and Experiences on the Performance of Traffic Management Systems in Kaduna, Nigeria

An Intelligent Homogenous Model For Prediction Of Network Intrusion Detection Using Synthetic Minority Over Sampling Technique And Local Outlier Factor

Application of Fuzzy Logic in Central Composite Design for Additives Optimization in Expansive Soil Treatment

Application Of Internet Of Things For Cyber-Resilient Automotive Industry: A Systematic Review

Biometric Security: A Review of the Sum Rule and the Likelihood Ratio Fusion Algorithms for Multibiometric Systems

Blockchain Technology And Its Applications Towards Sustainable Development In The Educational Sector

Challenges Of Security And Privacy With IoT In Healthcare: An Overview

Comparative Spectrum Occupancy Measurement Using Wireless Waveform Generator

Comparison of Conductive Ink Optimization Techniques for Body- Mounted RFID Tags

Contemporary Technologies for Medical Libraries

Design of a Microcontroller based Covid19 Non-contact Hand Sanitizing Machine

Design Of Fuzzy Adaptive Proportional Integral Derivative Controller For Networked Control System Using Switched Ethernet Network

Design of PID Tuned Digital Compensator for Improved Positioning Performance of Satellite Dish Antenna for Distributed Mobile Telemedicine Nodes within Nigeria

Development of a Prediction Model for Household Solid Waste Generation and Management in an Emerging Urban Area.

Development of an Acoustic Sensor System For Measuring Suspended Sediment Concentration

Development of an Arduino-Controlled Convective Heat Dryer

Development of an Eighteen-Point Multichannel Multipurpose Temperature Data Logger

Electromagnetic performance of a two-stator permanent magnet machine

Energy Optimization of Wireless Sensor Networks Using LEACH, SEP and MIEEPB Techniques

Enhanced Bayesian Techniques of Nonlinear Autoregressive Neural Network with Exogenous Input (NARX) Network for an Efficient Management of Smart Prepaid Meter System

Feasibility of a Flow Solar Water Disinfection System

Home Appliance Manager via IoT

Impact of Internet of Things to Health Institutions in Clinical Data Management

Integrated Mobile Based Smart Wireless Public Address System.

Joined Diverse Cloud Computing Systems; A Digital Forensic Framework

Optimal Control of DC Motor via Ethernet Using Ant Colony Optimization (ACO)

Overview of Voice Biometric Systems Voice Person Identification and Challenges

Pointing Mismatch in the Spatial-Matched-Filter Beam-Pattern of a L- shaped Array of First-Order Cardioid Microphones suffering from Orthogonality Perturbation

Positioning the Nigerian Engineering and Construction Industry in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Power Loss Minimization in the Distribution Network Heuristic Approach for Capacitor Placement

Problems and Prospects of Undergraduate Students’ Use of Internet Resources for Online Presentation of Mathematical Concepts

Repositioning Faculty Libraries For Effective Information Service Delivery Through Technological Innovations In Post COVID-19 Pandemic Era

Review on the Use of Wireless Sensor Network Systems for Oil Pipeline Surveillance

Speed and load characteristics of two-stator permanent magnet machine

Sustainable Economic Development, Poverty Reduction, Wealth Creation and Global Security through Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

The Influence Of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) in the Electrical Properties of CZTS Thin Films Solar Cell

Two Dimensional Passwords

Unified Emergency Auto-Service Mobile App

Utilization Of Spent Batteries Carbon Rods For The Removal Of Nickel From Water By Adsorption

Wearable Ultrasonic Device for Ranging to Prevent the Spread of the COVID-19 Virus

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